Feb 15, 2012 12:00AM

Top 10: NYFW Instagram Photos

A baby in Wang, the front row, bloggers and rappers get the filter treatment.

So you probably didn't get to go to NYFW but thanks to Instagram you can vicariously live through those who did. We're a little hooked on taking photos with our iPhones and applying filters called 'Amaro', 'Kelvin' or 'Toaster' to make said photos look extra cool. This week, instead of taking snaps of our lunch and trying to make it look like it's 1977 (by using the '1977' filter, duh), we got to realising how good Instagram is for other things - like finding pics from Fashion Week that aren't your average papp shots. Here are Oyster's top ten Instagram photos taken during NYFW so far:

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Photography: Carol Song, Bullett Media, ShopStyle, Bryan Teslava, Lindsey Adams, Philip W Patton, Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Nina Westervelt, diPietro Todd, Leandra Medine (ManRepeller)