Jun 23, 2015 4:01PM

Top 12: Fancy Opera Fashions

Inspired by Turandot.

Opera is a bloody business. It's full of bull fights and jilted lovers (Carmen), passionate affairs with tragic endings (La Bohème) and scorned women who take their own lives (Madame Butterfly). The latest offering from Opera Australia is Turandot, a blood-drenched tale that's basically a precursor to revenge films like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or Baise-moi

The story follows Princess Turandot, an ice queen who delights in killing her suitors because her ancestor, Princess Lou Ling, was kidnapped and raped by a conquering prince. So in revenge, Turandot refuses to get married and instead presents her suitors with three impossible riddles — and when they don't answer them correctly, she has them executed. But everything changes when Calaf, a prince from a different land, watches the princess behead a rival suitor and falls instantly in love (which is a little weird, tbh). Will Calaf defeat the Turandot's riddles? Or will he join the other doomed suitors in death? It's heavy stuff, you guys. 

Take inspiration from Opera Australia and shop the dramatic, Turandot-inspired looks handpicked from OhLike

Graeme Murphy's lush production is showing at the Sydney Opera House from 24 June until 28 August. For more information and to buy tickets, click here.

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Chloe Hill