Oct 13, 2015 4:15PM

Travel Diary: Celeste Tesoriero's Guide to Bali

*Packs bag*

Today's travel diary is brought to you by designer Celeste Tesoriero, from her sometimes home in Bali. 

I work with an organic, sustainable dye house here in Bali, Indonesia for my label. It's important to me to come here and work alongside them, to test new developments and experiment with new ideas. The development and production process varies in length, so I often find myself here for extended periods — designing and working remotely.

I am attracted to places that focus on the traditions and designs of the Balinese culture; places that are giving back to the community, and are sustainably conscious. I just don't see the point coming to somewhere as beautiful as this and checking into a modern resort removed from the heart and spirit of it. Giving back to the island and the people is important to me. I do that by trying to be earth conscious when I'm here — producing sustainably, supporting my suppliers and their families, avoiding plastic, buying from the local organic market, and having patience and grace.

Although tourism and developments here increase at an almost impossible rate, you will find that a lot of the best places to stay do not have websites that do them justice, and often don't even accept bookings online.

After travelling here, back-and-forth for eight years, I am lucky enough to have insight into how to experience the beauty of Bali, off the beaten track.

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