Jun 01, 2016 4:45PM

Très Opulent Vibes @ Christian Dior Cruise 2017

Regal gals.

Things over at Christian Dior's 2017 Cruise presentation went to a very palatial and darkly atmospheric place this year, under the direction of Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux. Looking like a chic'd up version of your fave historic period drama, the presentation played out in the baroquely fab/opulent Blenheim Palace in England, aka the most luxe estate in all the lands. 

Guests were transported from England on a train re-branded by Dior, where the champagne was free-flowing and the stemware made of crystal. Seriously could not have been any more regal if they tried.

The collection itself saw a dreamy cast of models take to the runway decked out in threads that will take you from the streets of Paris to the lush English countryside: classic Dior tweeds, crisp AF white shirts, tightly-waisted jackets, floral tea-dresses and, objectively speaking, the greatest pair of kick flare trousers in existence. 

Photos: Courtesy