Oct 31, 2011 12:00AM

Trick or Treat: Halloween 2011

Heidi Klum continues her reign as Queen of Halloween.

Heidi Klum is officially the queen of Halloween. Never one to play it safe come All Hallow's Eve, this year she surpassed previous efforts (Transformer, Indian Goddess Kali and black-feathered crow, to name a few) and stripped right down to the bare essentials. The world's happiest supermodel hosted her 12th annual Halloween party at TAO nightclub in Vegas on Saturday night dressed as a dead body. She was wheeled in to The Venetian Resort on a hospital gurney, aided by blood-spattered doctors.

Heidi's second costume for Halloween this year was tabloid newspaper Weekly World News mascot 'Bat Boy'. Humorous, but those ears come off a little more monkey than bat, don't you think?

Stef 'Bambi' Northwood-Blyth is celebrating in NYC as we speak, at a party she is hosting with her V Magazine cover photographer Terry Richardson and fellow covergirls. Bambi is at New York nightclub Escuelita, tweeting earlier that her Bride-of-Frankensteinesque costume is "dead SEXY". Nice to see the Aussie model doesn't mind a bit of a pun.

Check out some more celebrities in costume, including a very predictable Kim Kardashian, a very cute Nicole Richie and joel Madden and a genuinely terrifying Snooki:

And to anyone still stuck for a costume, why not use two iPads and trick people into thinking you have a gaping hole in your stomach?

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Images via Twitter, Splash News and Jezebel

Emily Royal