Jul 14, 2016 10:24AM

True Inspiration Britney Spears Is Back With A Spicy New Song

Comeback queen.

Ruler of our tween hearts, the millennium, and discmans everywhere, Britney Spears is back to reclaim what is rightfully hers: the pop throne. Brit has just dropped a sass-filled new commercial for her Private Show perfume, which also doubles as the debut for a new song of the same name. She back! 

Brit's comeback has been a bit of a slow burner. She cooked up the magnificently garbáge 'Pretty Girls' with Igloo Izalea, before taking up residency in Las Vegas and straight slaying at the BMAs. Now the pop princess is working on her forthcoming B9 album, and if it's anything like her new track, we are R.E.A.D.Y.

Chris "Leave Britney Alone" Crocker is probably bathing in her fragrance and laughing in the face of all the haters as we speak. Join him while you watch Brits saunter around in the tiniest outfit ever, owning the stage and hitting all the high notes with her iconic nasally vocals:

What with all your Juicy Couture trackies making a comeback and your Britney Spears dishing up smash pop hits, it kind of feels like we're back in the noughties. 

*Fastens butterfly clip*

Photo and GIF: Tumblr 

Madeleine Woon