Apr 11, 2017 8:18PM

Trump Models Is Reportedly Shutting Down

In excellent news that probably has everything to do with the fact that Trump is a moron who has no respect for humans, particularly women, his modelling agency Trump Models is reportedly shutting down in the very near future.
Vanity Fair reports that the agency lost two big clients, Mia Kang and Danielle Herrington, as well as some executives. More interestingly, Mother Jones has reported a leaked email that tells the agency's associated to prepare for closure. 
"The Trump Organisation is choosing to exit the modelling industry," Corinne Nicolas, president of Trump Models, wrote in the email. "On the heels of the recent sale of the Miss Universe Organisation, the company is choosing to focus on their core businesses in the real estate, golf and hospitality space."
Apparently, 'industry sources' told Mother Jones that all of this is a direct result of "Trump's divisive politics, which have made his brand toxic in the modelling world." Go figure.

Hayley Morgan