Jan 24, 2017 8:41PM

Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order With A Bunch Of White Dudes

Hell on earth.
A group of white men in suits stood around Donald Trump on Monday and watched him sign a piece of paper that negatively impacts the way women, worldwide, can make decisions on behalf of their own bodies.
In signing this anti-abortion executive order, Trump has reinstated the Mexico City policy, which was first put in place by Reagan in 1984, and which was known as a global gag rule. What it does is prohibits giving US funding to international nongovernmental organisations that offer family planning and reproductive health options in cases of abortion — even if the US money isn't being spent on abortions specifically. And it isn't. The Helms amendment has prevented the funding of overseas abortions since 1973, but these white dudes reckon they're still giving too much away.
This is obviously bent af considering the US spends around $600 million every year helping other countries look after their women. That money ensures 27 million women have access to contraceptive services. Twenty seven million. Each year. 
Not any more. He signed the anti-abortion executive order the same day he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. With help from this room of bored men: 
Photo and GIF: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan