Watch: V.E.W.G

Designer Jess Carter's VEWG project stands for Vaguely Ethnic White Girls. Together with photographer Anatoly Kirichenko, the New York designer made a video with her fellow VEWGs. Here's what she said about it:
"People always try to guess our ethnicities. We are from the four corners of the earth, but we look like we could be sisters. So we tell them we are VEWGs: Vaguely Ethnic White Girls. VEWG rolls off the native tongue a little easier than "I'm Sinhales / Australian / French / Lebanese / Taiwanese / Argentine / American / Indian, which is a mouthful! Being a VEWG just means there is something ambiguous about you and not many people guess the correct area of the world that we are from! Sometimes people play along and act like VEWG is a real race but a VEWG can be from anywhere and that's the beauty of ambiguity."
Now, who wants some merch? I know we do! Head over to OhLike to cop a sweet VEWG shirt of your own. VEWGs unite!
Film: Anatoly Kirichenko 
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