Aug 09, 2016 1:18PM

'Twin Peaks' Soundtrack Gets Pimped-Up Vinyl Reissue

Isn't it too dreamy?

The twists and turns of Twin Peaks would not be the same without the atmos-heavy musical stylings of Angelo Badalamenti. The score responsible for ~taking you there~ every single episode is about to be rereleased on what will be one of the most collectable vinyls ever.

The aptly named Death Waltz Recording Company are behind the reissue, which comes complete with: lyrics and liner notes from Angelo, a David Lynch-approved cover, designed by Sam Smith (that mimics the Black Lodge's tiled floor), and is obvi pressed on "damn fine coffee" coloured vinyl. It'll also be the most primo version of one of the most iconic soundtracks in television history. NEED.

Of the reissue, Angelo said:

"I'm glad that after 25 years, Death Waltz Recording Company has re-released the original soundtrack for Twin Peaks for a new audience to enjoy. This is my defining work as a composer and I'm happy it will get a fresh listen." So are we Angelo, so are we.

A number of venues around America will be hosting "coffee and cherry pie" pre-sale events to celebrate the release, because of course they will. Check out the full list of stores here. Then, fan out over the preview/tracklist below before buying, owning and loving your own copy on Ausugt 10 (aka tomorrow).  

Side A

1. Twin Peaks Theme
2. Laura Palmer's Theme
3. Audrey's Dance
4. The Nightingale
5. Freshly Squeezed

Side B

1. The Bookhouse Boys
2. Into The Night
3. Night Life In Twin Peaks
4. Dance Of The Dream Man
5. Love Theme From Twin Peaks
6. Falling



Twin Peaks OST will be available online on August 10 via Mondo and in retail stores worldwide from September 9.

Photos & GIFs: Welcome To Twin Peaks, Tumblr

Lucy Jones