Jul 18, 2014 1:18PM

Twitter Study Says Paris Hilton Is Smarter Than Oprah

But Leonardo DiCaprio is smarter-er.

In a win for blonde millionaires everywhere, a Twitter-based study by Time has just categorically stated that Paris Hilton is smarter than Oprah, J.K Rowling, Beyonce and Stephen Fry. Using a popular reading comprehension test, the study analysed the reading levels of the tweets written by the 500 most popular celebrities on Twitter, and it turns out Paris' true skill isn't DJ'ing.

Don't worry though, she didn't come first. That honour goes to Leonardo DiCaprio, who regularly tweets enlightening/depressing figures like, "Every 15 mins a poacher kills an elephant & the US is the 2nd largest market in the world for ivory!" Obviously, he would win.

But there are so many curve balls. For example, the second place prize was awarded Justin Bieber's mum, and everyone's favourite Jersey Shore alumni JWoww was placed eighth.

But before you started mourning the modern world some more, just remember, using big words does not an intelligent person make. People like J.K Rowling and Oprah are probs so comfortable in their superior brain power, that they don't feel compelled to use florid language on the internet. Plus, they're busy people!

As the study further explained, the test was "based on a reading comprehension test known as Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG). The SMOG test measures the number of three syllable words used in a text to calculate the years of education required to understand it." The lesson: step up your word game on the internet if you want people to think you're not a complete dimbulb. Test your own Twitter grades here.