Feb 12, 2015 9:11AM

Two 90s-Era Spice Girls Songs Have Leaked

Never give up on the good times.

UPDATE: The songs have been taken down by the internet police, we will keep an eye out for their return. 

Prepare to be transported back to your naive, bindi-wearing, Baby Spice wannabe self with leaked Forever demos. If you were alive in the 90s you definitely loved the Spice Girls and today the internet has delivered #feelings in the form of two of their OG bangers.

'Right Back At Cha', 'Pain Proof', 'If It's Lovin On Your Mind' and 'A Day In Your Life' will take you back to the NSFW hits and fabulous outfits of the ultimate girl group. Whether you were Sporty (Mel C), Baby (Emma Bunton), Posh (Victoria Beckham), Ginger (Gerri Halliwell) or Scary (Mel B), the leak is bittersweet.

It's epecially devastating if, like me, you still remember the day your dad woke you up in the morning with the news that the Spice Girls had broken up. At first you didn't believe him, but that twinkle of joy in his eye (at the notion that you might finally stop running Spice World on a loop every day after school) meant he was telling the truth. He was wrong of course.

Spice Girls 4eva.

Lucy Jones