May 28, 2014 11:32AM

Tyler, The Creator Hates Your Fashion Label

The audacity.
Tyler, The Creator has once again out-cooled himself by dissing all of the fashions. The Buzzfeed terroriser rapper/slash everything-doer, has pulled a Tyler-like move and declared his hatred for the fashion industry. The audacity! 
He told Billboard that he doesn't give out free clothes to famous people because, "That actually could be the worst thing possible, if famous people wore Golf Wang." He continues, "I fucking hate fashion and everything about it. I just like making stuff and it happens to be in fucking cotton and, like, materials. But that shit [of the fashion world] is disgusting."
If famous people wearing your label is the worst thing possible, the whole industry needs a strong refresher, but for now let's just sit back and bask in the glory that is Tyler, The Creator dissing on people while not holding back on his sartorially creative side. 
Photo: Tyler, The Creator & Brick Stowell for Oyster #104