Sep 28, 2015 12:35PM

UV Boi فوق بنفسجي On Looking For Luv For Oyster #107

Thinkin' bout you.

We've been falling for UV boi ever since he bared his soul to us in an imaginary online dating profile back in 2014. So, when Oyster #107: The Romantics came around we hit him up to talk about online dating and Usher songs. 

Producer UV boi uses far-flung sounds and homemade percussion to incorporate a billowing scope of genres in his music. But despite his internet-gen palate, the Brisbane-based 19-year-old — Emmanuel John if we're doing it properly — captures sincere emotion in his music. 

Melissa Kenny: Today we're talking love! You have a song called 'LUV' — can I infer it's largely about love?
Emmanuel John: Here and there. Yeah, it kind of encircles everything I write, really. All my songs are kind of love-related or something around love.

So you're the right person for the Romance issue?
I hope so, yeah.

A lot of your songs involve iPhone alerts interspersed with ringtones and text noises, so I was wondering if you were in favour of dating that involves technology.
I've tried Tinder a little bit but I'm not too great at it. I think the whole idea behind my story about love is kind of internet love or online love — becoming attracted to someone but being unable to connect with them in real life — so that's why I used iPhone sounds.

Good modern symbolism. 
I guess with the whole generation right now it's all about meeting online — everything blossoms online.Do you have a girlfriend? 
No. To be honest I've never really had a proper, mature relationship, so to say. I guess the last actual relationship I had was when I was in primary school or early high school.

How did it end?
It happened over the phone, and we never even saw each other. It was so weird, I can't explain it.

That's lucky. My mum barely let me use the phone when I was that age.
But yeah, no girlfriend. But I'm kind of looking for one.

You're ready for love.
I think so.

Pop music is a very good way to communicate obsessive love. Which song would you use to serenade a girl?
Maybe Mario 'Let Me Love You', or Frank Ocean 'Thinkin' Bout You'.

You know the song 'I Just Called To Say I Love You' by Stevie Wonder? I think that's a very lovely thing to be doing. What's shaped your view of love?
I'd probably say my parents and a few friends who've been dating people for the past three years or so, and I wonder, "How are they doing that?" and, "Am I missing out?" or something, but I think it's just them.

One of my close friends got married recently and it was really nice because I got to cry happy love-tears.
Actually my sister got married just last weekend, so that's another couple I look to.Rihanna talks about falling in love in a hopeless place and Otis Redding thinks you should try a little tenderness. You may be only 19, but what do you think are the integral ingredients for love?
Oh wow. If I had experienced a relationship I could probably give a bit more of an insight, but I guess I'd just say happiness and trust and overall interest in each other.

Excellent framework! Everyone craves love — it's like a packet of Doritos that never runs out and never makes you full or fat. Why do you think that is?
I'm not sure, but it would be custard-filled doughnuts for me.

Krispy Kreme?
I'm more of a Donut King type of person. My sister works at Donut King and she brought some home today, so I'm about to have some right after this.

Did you know that when Usher makes love he listens to his own music? So Usher is having sex and he's listening to Usher.
Wow. Well, he makes beautiful music so it's like, why not?

What's your favourite Usher song?
Maybe 'U-Turn'.

Can you do the dance?
No, I'm a terrible dancer.

Are you?
Well, I'm not too bad, but I kinda get a bit embarrassed.

Dancing is all about commitment. You have to put everything into it or not at all I think. Half-hearted dancing is weird.
Exactly. But I'll definitely try to learn it on YouTube. I'll search up some tutorials.

Interview: Melissa Kenny
Photography: Jennifer Mendez