Nov 21, 2014 3:58PM

UV Boi فوق بنفسجي's Imaginary Online Dating Profile

See him at Hooch festival, then d8 him!

The inaugural Hooch Fest is happening next weekend in Mandurah, Western Australia and it's hosting acts like UV Boi فوق بنفسجيGolden FeaturesJubileeIndian SummerStéLouse and more! To celebrate, we made UV Boi fill out an imaginary online dating profile and although it is imaginary it may make you want to actually date him. As in, his likes include eyebrows and a kind heart and his dislikes include fuccbois. Dreamboat.

Get your tickets for Hooch Fest here and get to know the boi himself, via an excellent mix and questionaire, below.

Username: L-UVerboi
Quote to live by: Do what makes U happy
Age: 18
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Sexuality: Straight
Looking for: Fun
Profession: Musician
Political Affiliations: Unsure right now
Hobbies: Film enthusiast, clothes design and tennis

Smoking habits: None
Annoying traits: Overanalysing
Want children: Yes
Drinking habits: None
Diet: Asian, Japanese, but honestly mostly junk food
Religious beliefs: Christian
Music: UV Boi فوق بنفسجي, ChromeSparks, BADBADNOTGOOD, gtb and sbe
Sports: Tennis

Have/want pets: No pets but I want a goldfish, clown fish and a silver shark
Celebrity crush: Jessica Alba
Perfect first date: I (or we) cook us a nice candlelit dinner
Impress me by: Being comfortable and yourself
On our first date, wear: Something similar to Soulja Boy's 2007 or earlier outfits
Serenade me with: Saying u like UV's music

Pick me up in your: Private jet
NEVER ask me: To pick u up in my private jet

Pet hates: Fuccbois
Desirable attributes: Eyebrows and kind heart
Idea of a great relationship: We both many common interest but yet we're still very different from each other. And of course a burning L-UV for one another.
What I've learnt from past relationships: Yet to have a relationship
Perfect birthday present: U and I
Favourite YouTube: SciShow and also Dnews and TMZ lol
Favourite website:
Favourite joke: Knock knock jokes

Emily Royal