Nov 19, 2011 12:00AM

Vice's Hipster Mockumentary: Dalston Superstars

At least we hope it's a mockumentary.

Vice has just launched a new TV show called Dalston Superstars, which follows the lives of five hipsters living in cool east London neighbourhood Dalston. And it is hilarious. Maeve, Vee, Sam, Anna and Stefan are a bunch of unbearably wanky artists, models-come-muses, freelance stylists, occasional DJ's and bloggers in their early twenties. In the first episode, tension arises in the group when couple Sam and Anna get too stoned at home and don't show up to Vee's 'Pizzaphile' club night, which ends up being a "hashtag fail" of an event.

Stefan, 20, is our favourite character so far. He feels alienated from the group because of his wealthy background (his dad is the producer of Malcom In The Middle) and is on a journey of self-discovering, saying, "I'm just sort of trying to find myself creatively. I'm sort of in a period of transition. I'm on Tumblr a lot. I find Tumblr is a great source of inspiration." Another moment where Stefan shines is when he muses on style: "I'm really into the concept of, like, ephemeral fashion. Like, if you wore it out in the rain it would just disintegrate. It's not meant to last long at all." Other highlights include Maeve's photoshoot in which she is both photographer and model, wearing a bra and a Homer Simpson mask. Totes indie.

We were pretty happy with logically concluding that this was all one big LOL, until we found Anna's blog, which might suggest otherwise. Uh oh. Check out the first episode of Dalston Superstars over at Vice. You can also follow them on Twitter.