Sep 02, 2016 1:38PM

Vince Staples Hopped On James Blake's 'Timeless' For Perfect Remix

Time after time.

Remember when James 'slidin' in yo' feels' Blake brought Vince Staples out at Glastonbury to add some fresh raps to 'Timeless', causing us to collectively lose our damn minds? Turns out they heard our cries of joy and jumped in the studio to record it on the sly. Yewin'. 

Vince does major poetic justice to The Colour In Anything highlight, dropping lenghty raps about an old flame over the song's dreamy instrumentals. Our tiny hearts shatter as he reflects on his bygone boo, with lines like: "I was fortunate to meet you / Wasn't strong enough to keep you", and, "Couldn't ride the love boat, jumped into the lone abyss", and we're so impressed that someone can rap that much without taking a breath.

The two beautiful soulmates will be touring North America in September. If ever there was a time to irrationally book a flight to NY or LA, it's now. 
Photos: Rene Vaile for Oyster #95, @vincestaples

Madeleine Woon