Nov 30, 2016 11:42AM

Vince Staples Shouts Out To Wes Anderson With 'Life Aquatic' Tour Announcement

All your faves.

Vince Staples and Kilo Kish, aka two of the most exciting things in music right now (who also happen to star in the shiny new issue of Oyster), are about to embark on a US tour. This news is made even more perf by the fact that their tour is Wes Anderson-themed.

Vince just shared the artwork for the 'Life Aquatic' tour on his Twitter and it's a wonderful rendering of Vince as Steve Zissou and Kilo as another of TLA crew. Mostly though, it provides proof that Vince loves Wes Anderson as much as you do. Cop the great combination of people and things below.

Photo: Twitter

Lucy Jones