Aug 03, 2011 12:00AM

Vincent Gallo for G-Star Raw

The gritty slashie in a brand new denim campaign.

He cut his creative teeth in the artistic underground of seventies New York City, making his name as an ever-so-gritty artist, actor and director. In the early eighties he became Basquiat's bandmate when he joined post-punk band Gray. He has even dipped his multi-talented toes into the world of e-commerce, offering his "personal services" to "all women that can afford me" via his official merchandising site. You'd think that after 30 years of creative controversy and slashie endeavours (which include a stint as a Grand Prix motorcycle racer), Vincent Gallo would have run out of steam, but as face of G-Star RAW's new campaign the Buffalo-born eccentric will add another jewel to his crown, bringing new meaning to the term 'dirty denim'.

G-Star, the label behind the iconic five-pocket denim jean, likes to keep things pure - no bells and whistles, just well-cut essentials that fit seamlessly into pretty much every wardrobe. The controversial Gallo joins an equally eclectic stable of faces to have modeled for G-Star RAW, and will be replacing chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen at the helm of the Autumn Winter campaign. Shot through the inimitable black-and-white lens of Anton Corbijn, the ads feature English rose Gemma Arterton and the delightfully rugged Gallo brooding away against a Marseillaise backdrop. The denim may be crisp and clean, but the very presence of Gallo ensures that they look like very dirty jeans indeed.

Words: Lillian McKnight