May 01, 2014 12:24PM

Warpaint Criticise Rihanna & Beyonce For Being Hyper-Sexual

Saying they don’t need to like look like ‘sluts’.
Warpaint are the all-girl, LA-based indie group, as talented as they are smart and super dreamy. They have many thoughts on many subjects, but their words towards a couple of female pop stars are less than supportive or sex-positive. Speaking to Q recently, Warpaints' Theresa Wayman was speaking about the hyper-sexualisation of pop when she referenced Rihanna and Beyonce as examples. 
"It just gets worse. Every song on Beyonce's last album has her basically looking like a slut and she does not need to do that," she said, adding, "She's gorgeous and so fucking talented. And they all take it as women's liberation!" Who is this elusive they? We know not. But it doesn’t sound great. On the subject of Rihanna, Theresa said, "She has an insane voice, she could've done something so much more subtle and artful." Like 'Stay' for example? 
Ah, the old 'calling other girls sluts in the name of feminism and thus reinforcing patriarchal ideas about female sexuality' manoeuvre, we know it well. Naturally, the comments section of a lot of internet posts on this subject are drawing attention to the fact that Rihanna and Beyonce are probably the two pop stars who are most 'in control' of their sexuality, image and output. Let's not discount the agency of some powerful women, now. As if 'slut' was a bad word. Anywho, we'll still love Warpaint, Rihanna and Beyonce (unless one of them says something really fucking evil) till death.