Mar 22, 2017 8:59PM

Watch A Clip From The 'Cherry Bomb' Premiere Ft. Tyler, The Creator And Frank Ocean

Tha bois.
At the start of this year Illegal Civ released a doco about the making of Tyler, the Creator's Cherry Bomb album. Pretty mad. This week they've shared a lil clip, with very nice border art, featuring footage from the premier night.
Watch tha bois cause a little bit of trouble and yell at each other, and watch Tyler hate signing posters while Frank Ocean tries to give him some pointers. This results in messages like: "Fuck you dawg I just signed this poster so you can feel special but to be honest fuck you."
There's a question time after the film, and Tyler's a little more earnest with his words. When he's asked what success has taught him he says, "You gotta keep it fun, or you'll lose your fuckin' mind. That's how people be going crazy." True.

Hayley Morgan