Nov 01, 2013 3:22PM

Watch: A$AP Rocky 'Angels'

Robbing stores on pushies.

It's still Halloween in the States, and A$Ap Rocky's marked the occasion by releasing a video to the LONG. LIVE. A$AP (deluxe edition) track, 'Angels', which came out exactly two years ago. The video sees A$AP and his crew riding out around town on push bikes, like a bunch of BMX bandits, who wear hockey masks instead of just having frizzy hair ala Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits. The crew prowl around for a while, before deciding to roll a small convenience store for cash and a bottle of water. Not a Seven Eleven or some other retail giant — just a meek little family run business, who never hurt anyone. Sad face. 

Then they beat up some total stranger, before riding off into the distance. Next thing you  know, A$AP and his sidekicks have gone from petty thieves to executioners — stomping through the forest and on their way to kill some unknown, hooded enemy. Pretty slack guys. We forgive you though, because this a good song, and you have a bad a$$ reputation to uphold.