Mar 15, 2012 12:00AM

Watch: American Reunion Trailer

Jason Biggs' penis and Stifler's Mom romancing Jim's Dad.

And the American Pie franchise lives on. The original cast return home for their ten-year high-school reunion in the aptly titled American Reunion (we simultaneously commemorate the warm apple pie scene that facilitated much adolescent hilarity). If you're dubious about this prospect and think this saga need not persist, consider the inclusion of Jason Biggs' privates as a cool breeze of innovation.

On getting his dick out, Biggs says "I literally showed more of my body than ever before. I don't know how to top that?maybe the next stop is porn?"

Alyson Hannigan returns as band geek Michelle (and unforgettable smut kitten). She muses about her character, saying "She has matured, but she's still quirky."

Seann William Scott returns as Stifler, saying "I'm weirder and a little bit bolder. It's fantastic to play a character who is in his thirties and doing things that other 30-year-olds really want to do. Stifler is the person who hasn't changed, but the world around him has. He's still living in the world of high-school."

Although he missed the "American Wedding" Chris Klein is back as Oz, now a successful sport commentator and a contestant on the fictitious TV program Celebrity Dance-Off. Klein says 'What I learned is that hip-hop is hard work... and I take myself way too seriously."

While it's all about reuniting and reminiscing, look for new beginning with Jim's dad and Stifler's mum who appear to be laying some romantic groundwork in the trailer below.

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