Apr 10, 2017 9:40PM

Watch An Animated Cara Delevingne Do Sick Ollies For Chanel

Sk8r girl.
Chanel has tapped a bunch of rebels to star in short films advertising the Gabrielle bag. First came Kristen Stewart going nuts in a dark warehouse, and now we get an anmated Cara Delevingne doing sick tricks on a skateboard. 
Shishi Yamazaki made the rotoscoped video, where a very painterly Cara is just cruising around before seeing a couple of Gabrielles hanging from a tree branch. She does what we'd all do and legs it over to the Chanel goods, then celebrates her score by popping a couple of ollies and swirling off into the unknown.
Watch it below, and catch Kristen's campaign video below that. Stay tuned for Caroline De Maigret and Pharrell Williams.
Photo: YouTube

Hayley Morgan