Mar 19, 2014 1:56PM

Watch: Arca x Jessa Kanda's 'TRAUMA'

A semi-traumatic short film.
Remember that early 'dancing baby' meme from Ally McBeal? That was dumb. But this is great! It's the latest short film teaser from Arca and UK film maker Jesse Kanda's upcoming project 'TRAUMA' and it stars some dancing baby of a more nightmarish nature. According to Arca, this teaser called 'Scene 1' follows "a nonlinear narrative about the death of a salaryman, a drunk driving infant and takes place within a subconscious world. 'Scene 1' depicts a trio of disfigured children locked in synchronised dance, celebrating their inner and outer beauty in the limelight."
And celebrate (traumatically) they do. The project is something of a visual soundtrack to the FKA Twigs collaborator's amazing mixtape &&&&& and it's embryonic voguing does go well with the release’s instrumental hip hop and club mutations. It’s basically off the grid. Watch it right now please.