Oct 23, 2015 6:49AM

Watch Aziz Ansari Try To Find His Dream Girl In The 'Master Of None' Trailer

Not loving 90s R&B music is on the Oh-No-Nos list.
Your favourite little caramel is coming to Netflix with his new show real soon. Today, the trailer dropped. It's Aziz Ansari like you've always seen him before. Excellent.
Created with Parks and Rec's Alan Yang, Aziz plays a version of himself/Tom Haverford, but this time in New York, with less swag references. The lady troubles are still there, though. I mean, he offers to pay for Plan B via "My treat!"
There's a few of Anzari's stand up themes in there too. He plays Dev, an actor, who feels weird about being asked to put on an Indian accent, and disgruntled about interesting roles for Indians getting filled by white people, "I'm probably 1/16th black, you think they're gonna let me play Blade?!"
Master of None hits Netflix November 6. Us tho:
Photo & GIFs: @azizansari & Tumblr

Hayley Morgan