Jan 06, 2014 11:14AM

Watch: Beyonce Walking Places Fiercely

Bad bitch patrol.

Werk! Beyonce does a lot of strutting around in the 17 videos that accompany her recent self-titled album and thankfully, someone's taken the time to compile her fiercest walks into a 1-minute video of sexy sauntering. 

Watch in awe as 'Yonce marches down the street, strides through a castle, treads through a trailer, stumbles on the beach and prowls through da club. To call it 'walking' is an understatement — it's some next level bad bitch patrol Beyonce is on. Step aside, basics.
See how she walks right down the middle of the street like she could own it? The world is her Monopoly board. That's why she walks commandingly in slow-motion from place to place — to give everyone enough time to bow down as she powers passed them. 
Watch the homage to The Queen's strut here.