Dec 17, 2013 9:58AM

Watch: Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love' feat Jay Z and 'XO'

"Your breasteses is my breakfastses."

Over 10 years ago now, 'Yonce and Jay Z were all 'Crazy In Love' but now they're all out drunk. The track is the first of Bey's 'visual album' clips to be uploaded in full to the singer's Vevo account (along with the carnie-themed 'XO') which means it could very well be her first single from the new record

The video sees Beyonce strolling around beach at night, paddling in the shore line, basically humping sand, dancing wildly and carrying around a beauty queen trophy in the process. 
Directed by Hype Williams, it's all very sexy and watery. Then Jay Z suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts singing about how he "slid the panties to the right," which is unexpected, especially since we all know Beyonce likes them slid to the left. He raps directly to Beyonce in the clip, which is cute. But while she's busy singing about love and commitment-like feels, he's rhyming about her "breasteses" which he compares to "breakfastses." Classic Jay Z.
And here's her 'XO' number. She's already sung it live. Much positive vibes.
Bless you, Bey.