Oct 08, 2011 12:00AM

Watch Beyonce's New Countdown Clip

And be the judge of whether she plagiarised the choreography.

Beyonce's new video for 'Countdown' leaks; the internet breaks. She may be with child, but when would our favourite pop star ever let something like that get in the way of shaking her thang? (Yes. We just said 'thang'). It's really easy to forget that Beyonce's about seven months pregnant, apart from the excessive rubbing of her stomach region, which we have no problem with. Here's a fun fact: when Beyonce revealed her pregnancy at the VMA's earlier this year, the announcement broke the most Tweets per second recorded for a single event, ever, coming in at a smooth 8,868 Tweets per second. Daym. Check out the 'Coutdown' clip below and prepare to become very envious of a certain fetus.

There are obviously some references to the Mod movement and the swinging '60's - the Mondrian split screens and pop art colours, for example - as well as the '80's, best seen through the turtle-neck body glove that only Beyonce could pull off. So don't even think about it. But while these seem to be valid pop culture references, some angry people on the internet are accusing the mother-to-be of plagiarism, even though the clip's only been floating around in cyberspace for a few hours. Have a look at the video below, which implies that her choreography is copied.

And who could forget the whole Beyonce / Bob Fosse fiasco? (And who remembers but just wants another excuse to listen to 'Single Ladies'?)

It was Pablo Picasso's infamous utterance that proclaimed "good artists borrow, great artists steal" and this all harks back to a seemingly endless debate about appropriation. When does inspiration go too far and become considered plagiarism? It's murky territory, and Beyonce's certainly not the only one of her ilk who has been accused of uplifting without crediting (Hello Lady Gaga, I'd like you to meet Madonna). We reckon that when due credit is duely credited (like how Beyonce acknowledged that her 'Single Ladies' moves were indeed inspired by Bob Fosse) it's all good. Cynics would say that she grave robbed the dead Broadway choreographer, but optimists might argue that she was breathing new life into some fantastically sassy dance moves which would otherwise be forgotten. Haters gonna hate.