May 21, 2014 10:31AM

Watch: Die Antwoord 'Pitbull Terrier'

Their trippiest and most gruesome yet.
It might not be there greatest song (it's kind of cheesy and awful) but the video for Die Antwoord's 'Pitbull Terrier' is their most visually exciting and violent by far. Directed by group's own Ninja, the video sees the South African trio in an animal world, where hybrid human-dogs are chained up so they don't eat people. Ninja casts himself as one of those dogs (complete with raging yellow eyes and prosthetic snout) who escapes from his owner and goes on a rampage of cat-girl mauling and leg humping.
Then Yolandi Visser (whose been busy partaking in some parkour while wearing Wes Borland contacts) drops down from a ceiling to defend (through dance) two cats. She chases Ninja-dog away, leading him to get run over by a bus. He's looking pretty dead, but Yolandi hacks up a loogie into his mouth and voila! He's a human again! *Everyone bows*
The track is a follow-up to the Die Antwoord's 'Cookie Thumper!' and both tracks will feature on there upcoming third album, Donker Mag. Watch the whole video below. Not for the faint-hearted/those who can’t deal with the sight of blood.
Donker Mag Tracklist
Dont Fuk Me
Ugly Boy
Happy Go Sucky Fucky
Raging Zef Boner
Cookie Thumper!
Girl I Want 2 Eat U
Pitbull Terrier
Do Not Fuk Wif Da Kid
Rat Trap 666 (featuring DJ Muggs)
I Dont Dwank
Moon Love
Donker Mag