Oct 08, 2013 10:43AM

Watch: Dior SS14 Timelapse

Hyper-real botanica.

Raf Simon's SS14 collection for Christian Dior was a Paris Fashion Week highlight, and not just because of the slogan-injected nature of the 'trans-Dior' pieces. The set was pretty insane too. Intertwined with an intricately-melded, industrial steel frame was a hanging garden of psychedelic flowers, both real and plastic. The flowers that were real looked fake — alien as they were in their exotic and upside down-ness. The fake flowers could have easily passed for real. #postmodern

It was liked going to see a Dior show once you had slid into another, slightly more advanced dimension, where things were subtly, creepily different. Now the label has brought out a retrospective video to show those playing at home exactly what went into creating the awe-inspiring set. 
P.S. In case you missed it.
Photo: Alessandro Garofalo