Apr 19, 2017 6:26AM

Watch Don Cheadle Go Off In Kendrick Lamar's New 'DNA' Clip

Arguably one of the wildest tracks on Kendrick's new record, 'DNA' deserves a clip to match — without confusing the message. Today it gets it. Ya boi K-Dot has unleashed another cinematic video, this one featuring none other than Don Cheadle.
The track famously samples that exceptionally effed FOX News segment, in which reporter Geraldo Rivera claimed Kendrick/hip hop has "done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years."
In the clip, Don plays a police officers who's interrogating Kendrick. He lets him know what DNA stands for, before firing up the lie detector to nail Kendrick in some way. Psyche! The detector fries Don and all of a sudden he's possessed, rapping and gesturing to the track. But the real madness doesn't begin until Kendrick gets out.
Watch it below:
Photo: YouTube

Hayley Morgan