Oct 16, 2014 12:49PM

Watch Downtown Divas: The Dreams Of Heroin Addicts

Stories from the street.
Downtown Divas is a seven-minute, 16mm film directed, produced and created by artists Loral Amir and Gigi Ben Artzi. It explores the dreams, hopes and desires of Russian heroin addicts, most of whom are sex workers that street-walk. We asked the creators to give us some insight into the project, in which the women are filmed in borrowed designer clothing. Here's what they said.
All the women which were filmed are Russian drug addicts. Most are living off the proceeds of sex work on the street. But even though these women are seemingly chained to an infinite loop of self destruction and could be seen as broken due to their dependency on narcotics, they are highly intelligent — sensitive and emotional. 
Like any other women, they wanna wear pretty clothing, they admire Britney Spears, they have hopes and dreams. When filming, we did not talk to them about their addiction at all, instead, we talked about music, dreams, colours. We filmed them dancing, drawing and so on.
What drew us to this project is the ex-territorial status of these women as part of a group that exists outside society but could be seen as society's own product. Beyond the aesthetic challenge, we wanted to integrate these women as humans being, back into mainstream conversation. 

Director/producer: Loral Amir & Gigi Ben Artzi
Music: Loral Amir
Steels: Gigi Ben Artzi
Cinematography: Ofir Peretz
Executive Producer: Joe Fieisch 
Editor: Kash Kash