Aug 13, 2014 9:58AM

Watch Iggy Azalea's Forgotten Pop Video 'Nothing Like Me'

It's Iggy, bitch.
Holy Blackout-era Britney Spears! You guys. An old video from Oyster #103 cover lady and rapper, Iggy Azalea has been leaked and it's safe to say she's changed tact significantly since. 'Nothing Like Me' features Iggy in an vintage air airline-esque outfit, dancing with other air hostesses while the electro soundtrack does its cheesy, cheesy thing. 
Such is the story of many'a a young artist, right? You have a dream and you'll do anything to make it happen — even if it means getting pressured into repressing your rap skillz behind a face palm-worthy, synthy-pop track. If anything, this vintage is a testament to the Australian gal's determination to be the "realest." She's come a long way, baby.