Mar 05, 2013 1:19PM

Watch: James Franco Slam Australian Classification Board for Banning Gay Film

Try not to get distracted by the fact that he says "sex" about fifty times.

For a while there it was as though James Franco was the only person in the entire world who did anything — whether that be starring in Samsung ads, selling t-shirts, writing for Playboy, directing fashion campaigns, contributing to magazines, being in a band, playing a drug dealer alongside underage actresses or doing readings of the erotic fan fiction of which he was subject. Then he disappeared into a cloud of purple smoke. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he's back with Hawaiian t-shirt in tow and filming web cam diaries about how angry he is at the Australian Classification Board for banning a gay film. 

The board has deemed I Want Your Love — a six-minute short film directed by Travis Mathews which tells the story of a man who has sex with his bestie while partying in LA  — to be too sexually explicit to screen at Melbourne and Brisbane's queer film festivals even though it has been shown around the world. This is despite the fact that, as SMH points out, the same board has allowed a film called Donkey Love, which features beastiality, to screen at film festivals in the past.

During the YouTube video where James Franco sticks up for Travis Mathews (the two recently co-directed a bondage sex film called Interior.Leather.Bar), he says that I Want Your Love's ban is "such a disappointment to me and it just seems really silly." He also says speaks about sex (brace yourselves) saying it's "how we create children, it's how we connect" and that "to keep it away from films that want to explore it as human behavior is very shortsighted and I think very hypocritical."

James Franco has spoken, Australian Classification Board. Case adjourned.