Jan 22, 2014 10:15AM

Watch: James Franco's Cormac McCarthy Adaptation Trailer

Guns, boys, guns.

James Franco is a well-known jack of all trades — actorartist, comedian, professional troll — and he's also something of a gun when it comes to directing. His lesser known career path has seen him direct a raft of short films and documentaries over the years including everyone's favourite cult film, Francophrenia (Or Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is). No, really

His Cormac McCarthy adaptation, Child of God (based on the book of the same name), premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and stars himself (duh) and some of his frequent collaborators including Tim Blake Nelson and Scott Haze. The basic plot follows a serial killer slash necrophiliac (surprisingly not played by our James) who descends into cave-dwelling isolation and total madness. There is also a hell of a lot of violence, which you can get a taste of from the new trailer below. Good times!