Jan 18, 2017 11:20AM

Watch: Jemima Kirke Talks Motherhood & Self-Sabotage In Intimate Interview

Underneath it all.

Jemima Kirke just gave a really real interview in which she revealed her deepest insecurities as an artist, wife and mother. The Girls star talked about how she's grown as an actress and human being over the past few years while slowly getting her kit off for StyleLikeU's What's Underneath Project.

During the 13-minute clip, Jemima reveals that one of her main issues is a lack of confidence in her abilities, attributing her role in Girls to her sassy nature. "One of the reasons I was hired for Girls was because of the persona I have and some sort of brightness they wanted in the show," she says. "It wasn't an ability I had. That made me both feel shitty about myself, and gave me a big ego."

She also says that she's not as free-spirited or DGAF as the internet would have you believe. "I am riddled with neurosis, self-loathing, fear, and feeling inadequate. I have confidence in areas. My abilities I'm not confident in." But the most intimate moment of the interview comes when the subject turns to motherhood and Jemima emotionally describes the moment she gave birth to her first child. "The guilt hit me the second she came out of me," she says. "I just released a suffering person, you know? And they're just going to give me the baby," she continues, choking back tears.

The personal interview also sees Jemima discuss her tendency to self-sabotage as an artist and how she's learnt that freedom and love can coexist. Watch the whole refreshingly real thing below.

Lucy Jones