Jul 09, 2014 11:09AM

Watch: Jessie Ware 'Tough Love'

Flower fields and laundromats.

British synthy-soul singer Jessie Ware has just released her video for 'Tough Love', the lead single from her as-of-yet nameless album. Mysterious as that sounds, we do know that she's been working with a hugely diverse crowd on this one — Ed Sheeran, Miguel and super producer Benny Blanco have all had hands in its production.

Slow and ethereal, the clip for 'Tough Love' is beautifully trippy. The imagery is dark and cryptic; lots of hanging around in flower-filled fields, disappearing into a bathtub of floating rose petals and spending time on spiral staircases and in laundromats. Watch it below! Great voice, gal.