Jun 16, 2014 10:17AM

Watch: Kanye West @ Bonnaroo

Calls out Pearl Jam and the press. Plus, Dave Chapelle on first meeting Yeezy.
Last time the Yeez played Bonnaroo Festival in 2008, he didn't get on stage until 4.30am because Pearl Jam played for three hours. He was pissed. This year, Kanye West gave it to the press hard during his performance of 'Heartless', saying "Last time before I got here that had 'fuck Kanye' on the port-a-potties. This time we're going to piss on them," adding, "Where the press at?" and "Y'all wrote that shit in the press. Is y'all gonna write all these motherfuckers putting their hands up right now? This is real rock 'n roll." 
In true motivational Kanye style, the rapper also gave a spiel pre-'Power' wherein he said, "I want y'all to know that anytime I'm in the studio, make a record, make a T-shirt, I give it everything I got. And when I talk that shit, it's so you can talk that shit. If you're a fan of me, you're a fan of your motherfuckin' self. You can go out and do anything." #Feeling: inspired.
Noticeably absent from 'Blood on the Leaves', 'Cold' and 'Touch the Sky', were all references to Jay Z. Ouch. Maybe the wedding ceremony no-show's been cut off. Sucked in, Kanye's got bigger musical fish to fry e.g. working on his new album alongside the always-hirsute Rick Rubin, who just confirmed that the pair are "looking at vocal ideas of things for the next album." 
P.S. Watch Dave Chapelle told Jimmy Fallon about his first meeting Kanye over the weekend and it was amazing.
Photos: Jason Merritt/AFP