Apr 23, 2017 6:06AM

Watch Kendrick Lamar Give His First Interview Since Dropping 'DAMN'

Smart kid.
In the first interview since Kendrick Lamar released, or threw at our faces, his gallant new record DAMN, ya boy sits down with Zane Lowe. The pair chat out the usual writing and recording process stuff, as well as the personal — like life lessons from Obama.
The full interview has just hit the internet, and it's 45 minutes of solid gold. Apart from the bit where Kendrick shuts down the DAMN sequel rumours
On his determination to be known as the greatest rapper alive, Kendrick says, "I got to. I'm so passionate about hip-hop. I love it to a point, I can't even describe it. And when I heard these artists say they're the best coming up, I said I'm not doing it to have a good song, or one good rap, or a good hook, or a good bridge, I want to keep doing it every time. And to keep doing it every time, you have to challenge yourself and confirm to yourself that you’re the best. No one can take that away from me, period."
He also speaks about meeting Obama: "The idea that it's going to take more than eight years to change," he says. "[Obama] says, 'Change don't start when I'm here. It starts once we leave the space we're in.' Subconsciously, that goes to the idea of me self-evaluating my own personal thoughts, the way I think, what I'm gonna take from this meeting and do on the outside. In this moment of time, I have to think further."
Watch the full interview here:

Hayley Morgan