Jun 20, 2014 9:50AM

Watch: Lady Gaga x R Kelly's Scrapped Terry Richardson Video

Wonder why they pulled it…
And here we were, wondering why Lady Gaga never released an official video to her single 'Do What U Want' with suss rapper R Kelly. Turns out, it's because the one she made with Terry Richardson was creepy as hell in light of the photographer/director's continued allegations of sexual misconduct. Serial pests TMZ have just posted us leaked footage from the scrapped video and it shows R Kelly (also accused of multiple cases of sexual assault), playing doctor to Gaga. He sedates her and then hosts a sxc party on her passed out body, as you do.
You know Gaga though — she's all about metaphor, #art and provocation, which may include hanging with pervs. But it seems even she might have got the fear when it came to releasing a video featuring two of the most reported-on targets of assault allegations. Cue everyone calling Gaga a washed-up hack but continuing to love 'Ignition'. To be fair, it's a great song.