Dec 23, 2016 5:38AM

Watch Lovable Freak Spud Get Real In 'T2 Trainspotting' Featurette

The perfectionist.
The second featurette, going deep into the development of the Trainspotting characters and hyping you evermore for the most smacked-out sequel of 2017, is here. This time we hear from weird unit Spud.
He talks about Renton's return and being fully rocked by it. He talks Renton giving him purpose and a pair of running shoes. "At that time when you found the characters in the original film, we were all kind of invincible," Ewen Bremner says. "20 years can do a lot to a man." Damn right it can.
Watch the featurette below, and then revisit Spud's legendary job interview below that.
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan