Nov 06, 2013 11:08AM

Watch: MIA x Versus Versace Behind The Scenes

Plus, she talks about presenting Donatella with a bunch of bootlegged Versace.

Finally – a video to accompany one of the year's best collaborations. MIA's collection for Versace spinoff label Versus has been out for a little bit, but now there's not just just a behind-the-scenes campaign video, there's a back story. The UK rapper told a radio station recently that she found the high-end label's post-90s return to luxury period really boring. Fair enough. Hence, when Donatella offered the artist the chance to collaborate, she says she "immediately knew that she want[ed] to attach it back to the streets." So to prove her point, she held a meeting, wherein she brought a whole swag of bootlegged Versace pieces into the Versace offices. Brave much. She told Donatella and Co how some of the rip-off off gear was better than the real thing and gave them examples of why. What a champ.

If you want to hear the Matangi gal talking about her Versus collaboration, hit the 10.18 mark in the video below. Or, you know. Just watch the whole thing, because the girl is hilarious. 
Photo: Jamie Martinez