Feb 04, 2015 4:42PM

Watch Natalie Portman Play A Runaway Bride For Miss Dior

Saddest groom of all time.

We know what you're thinking about, you're thinking about that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere movie that's not Pretty Woman, where a fashion-forward Julia reps sneakers and a wedding dress. Well you're not far off, just replace Julia Roberts with Natalie Portman and runners with all kinds of Dior lushness and you'd be describing their new campaign video.

Dreamgirl Natalie Portman is the long-time face of Miss Dior and captures the essence of wild youth perfectly yet again in this short film. At first, she's totally weirded out when someone calls her madame. "It's miss actually," she says, before running away from her ceremony, stripping down to a black slip and coming to a cliff edge where she is showered with rose petals as she climbs in to a helicopter en route to Paris. Luxury.

Lucy Jones