Nov 24, 2016 11:23PM

Watch New Footage Of The 'Trainspotting' Boys In International Trailer

A little bit crazy, a little bit bad.
The hype is truly building for round two of Danny Boyle's Trainspotting. Based off the sequel to Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting novel, Porno, T2: Trainspotting features your OG cast Renton, Begbie, Spud, Mark and Sick Boy.
We've seen a few glimpses of fan-caught filming seshes as well as the official trailer, detailing the expected criminal activity, drug use and bar fights, as well as an updated 'choose life' monologue that features "slut shaming" and "revenge porn" and "choose watching history repeat itself".
This new international trailer, for a Brazilian audience, whacks on an extra 20 seconds of not-seen-before footage. Suss it below and hang out until January 27 (UK), February 2 (AUS), and February 3 (US) for the cinema release.
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan