Mar 31, 2016 5:42PM

Watch Nick Offerman Offer Up Lol/Pensive Shower Thoughts

The wisest.

Like the fine Scotch he habitually swills, Nick Offerman's mind only gets better with age. Without everyone's gruff but very lovable uncle Ron Swanson, we may never have known that "there is no wrong way to drink alcohol", or that only having between one to three friends is perfectly sufficient. What a les mis existence! 

And, like all of us, the manly man does his best thinking in the showerWhether he's discussing his main area of expertise (food), comparing human beings to hats, or pointing out that we're all prostitutes really, Nick has the abilitiy to blow our puny minds to bits every time he opens that beautifully moustached mouth of his. If you're OK with that, you can cop evidence below:
Photo: Tumblr

Madeleine Woon