Dec 18, 2013 12:44PM

Watch: Oneohtrix Point Never 'Boring Angel'

The life/death cycle of an Emoji.

Shut the front door! Experimental electronic guy Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never has released a video for his new track 'Boring Angel' and it stars an Emoji. The R Plus Seven song's video was directed by John Michael Boling and features a blank screen with a changing emoji symbol square in the centre. Strike us down if it isn't the most impressive use of Emojis we've ever seen — and that's included this and this:

The Emoji in this video may just be singular, but it is mighty — changing its character display to tell a story of life, death, and ultimately, the futility of everything, ever. Basically, it starts off with this Emoji guy (let's call him George) who seems very despondent about the passing of time and refuses to wake up until his alarm incessantly jolts him. 'Sleep' here, could also be interpreted as a state of pre-existence or just pre-love monotony, but we'll let that go. 
So then George falls in love, but it ends badly, so George turns to a life of drugs and violence before settling down with a family, eventually dying, then going to heaven. The end! It'll all makes sense when you watch it, which you should, because the song is great too.