Jun 29, 2015 2:37PM

Watch Rihanna Turn Kidnapper In The Teaser For The New 'BBHMM' Video

Don't act like you forgot.

So, music videos have teaser trailers now and even though it's weird that this is a thing, we'll make an exception because it's Rihanna, because it's 'BBHMM' and because it's actually good/has us totally psyched for the full video.

The trailer opens on an idyllic garden setting, birds tweeting, flowers blooming...with a pair of legs sticking out of an open trunk right in the middle of the frame. We're already intrigued.

Then it cuts to a scene in a fancy mansion, where a perfectly-coiffed blonde is getting ready to go out. She's a rich L.A. type, all blow-out and tasteful diamonds.

Cut to Rihanna: she's driving a car, looking mad as hell. She pulls a trunk from the back of the car and starts to drag it up the hill. Meanwhile, the blonde is putting the finishing touches on her look. She kisses her husband, walks out, and waits for the elevator to arrive.

The elevator doors open. There's Rihanna. They close. They open again. Aw shit.
Stay tuned for the full video, which is due to come out July 2. 

Photo: @badgalriri

Nadia Bailey