Jan 05, 2016 7:15AM

Watch Sass King Marc Jacobs Tool Around With His Mates In 'Zoolander' Skit

Orange mocha frappuccino!
You guys, Marc Jacobs is getting really good at the internet lately. After his "basic bitch" song and dance with Kate Moss and his accidental butt/D slip turned tee shirt slogan, and the greatest slay of 2015, he's just killing it.
This year is no different. ICYMI, the sass king himself uploaded a short video of him and his mates wilding out over a Zoolander scene, the other day. And didn't he pick just the most heartwarming scene of them all: Orange mocha frappuccino! What a bunch of happy little idiots. Love u.
And the original for the sake of comparison/lols:
Flawless, really.

Hayley Morgan