Jun 18, 2012 12:20PM

Watch: Snoop Dogg's 'Executive Branch'

Part music video/part cigar advertisement.

Snoop 'the dopest' Dogg finds a hole in anti-cigarette promotion regulation in his new video. This is the latest from the man who made the rap-weed combination mainstream by telling us that "he rolls the best weed 'cause he's got it going on" (smoking is definitely Snoop's signature). The video is Snoop's take on 'Mr Big Stuff', Jean Night's classic 70s R&B track, and a promotion for his new cigar brand 'Executive Branch'. The film clip has all the rap essentials with Snoop donning glasses inside, plenty of bikini-clad girls and no pool in sight. Have a look at Snoop smoking and being generally un-PC.